High resolution royalty free photo libraries and digital images for use in Microsoft Office, Presentations, Web Sites, Media Campaigns, Print, DVD and Multimedia Productions.


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PhotoGhetto is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Impossible Media Group.

Devised and developed through the media propagator Impossible Media Group, is designed to allow organizations, individuals, and agencies access to high-end photographic images and stock photography for corporate, commercial, and non-commercial use.

Unlike other online repositories, photo libraries, and image banks, PhotoGhetto, does not restrict use of images through rights management, or penalize use of images across different media with price-per-image services.

PhotoGhetto was created specifically with the needs of the individual in mind, and their need to use images as they wish without the confusion, inconvenience, and obstacles of licensing models and agreements.

At PhotoGhetto, we don't believe in providing users with the largest online directories of images to choose from. We believe simply in providing them with the best quality.

Whilst many online stock image libraries offer users a selection of many hundreds of thousands of images, at PhotoGhetto, we choose instead to place the highest quality controls on our images so that you can be sure every image meets with the highest standards for use within your own presentations, web sites, media productions, campaigns, and marketing material.

Gathered together into low cost convenient Photo Collections, our image themes represent the highest quality stock images online.

To learn more about our Photo Collections, please select the Photo Collections option from the main menu, to browse and view our differing Collection themes. Each theme presents low resolution thumbnails of every image within each Collection, and by simply clicking on any thumbnail image, you are able to view the image at a larger resolution, compressed only for online browsing and review.

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